Tipps and Tricks

Eureka Razor Sharpener

With the Eureka Razor Blades Sharpener you can sharpen all common multi-blade razors – extend the service life.

There is not one sharp razor blade that is optimal for every beard growth. In 1971, Gillette brought the first razor with double blades on the Market. That was a real improvement! 1977 followed the “Altra” with oscillating head. Today, 4 and 5 blade systems are on the market. Such blades we can at strong (thick) whiskers do not recommend. The shaved stubble close the ditance of the blades. For this beard we recommend the Gillette “Contur Plus” with 2 blades, the Gilette Mach3 or alternatively by Wilkinson the “Sword Protector 3 or 2” which is also relatively inexpensive.

It’s like digital cameras. Many pixels, without the right lens, generate not a good picture! There are some razors on the market that have an extremely thick gel edge. These are not well suited because this edge does not give the blades good access to the strop.

What do you want? A clean shave without irritation at reasonable prices; right?

If you are not married to Gillette or Wilkinson products and with your razor no determine good sharpening, then please try our tip with the cheap and good Cien razors from Lidl.

Here are the offers from Lidl UK: A holder with 5 blades for BP 2.99

Refill Cartridges with 4 pcs “5 blades” for BP 3.79

These blades have a shorter life than the blades of Gillette and Wilkinson.

But that does not matter, because the blades are sharpened before each shave. In layman’s terms, the steel of the Lidl blade is softer – but it is more easy to sharp them. The signer shaves with ONE Lidl blades now over 2 months. The blades are as sharp (sharper) as on the first day.

We only want 100% satisfied customers. Should you not be satisfied with the result of the Lidl blades, we will refund the full purchase price for the Lidl Razor.

If you have any further inquiries, we will be happy to address them.